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In life, there is considerable concern and anxiety surrounding the issue of "cancer risk," whether among cancer patients or the general population. Many cancer patients, upon diagnosis, often find themselves questioning: "Why did I, out of so many people, end up with cancer?" Meanwhile, individuals in good health witnessing others around them being diagnosed with cancer may also harbor worries: "With so many people getting cancer, what are the chances that I'll be affected?"

As of 2018, in-depth research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) regarding global cancer data revealed that an individual's cumulative risk of developing cancer by the age of 75 reached 21.4%, with a cumulative risk of cancer-related death as high as 17.7%. Further calculation suggests that approximately 1/5 of males and 1/6 of females globally will face the risk of developing cancer in their lifetime. Fast forward to April 4, 2024, and the renowned oncology journal, "Cancer," published the latest global cancer statistics, indicating that approximately one-fifth of people will develop cancer in their lifetime. This data is in line with the "cumulative cancer risk by age 75" reported by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. In other words, each person has approximately a 21.4% chance of developing cancer in their lifetime.

Furthermore, based on the latest global cancer statistics published by the prominent oncology journal "Cancer" up to 2022, there were a staggering 19.96 million new cancer cases worldwide and 9.74 million cancer-related deaths. Among these, the top five cancers with the highest number of new cases were lung cancer (12.4% of total new cases), breast cancer (11.6%), colorectal cancer (9.6%), prostate cancer (7.3%), and stomach cancer (4.9%). Similarly, the top five cancers with the highest number of deaths were lung cancer (18.7% of total cancer deaths), colorectal cancer (9.3%), liver cancer (7.8%), breast cancer (6.9%), and stomach cancer (6.8%).

Behind these numbers lies the stark challenge that cancer poses to human health. However, it's essential to understand that cancer is not inevitable. By raising awareness and understanding of cancer, we can adopt proactive lifestyles and healthy habits to reduce the risk of cancer. This includes avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in moderate exercise, consuming a balanced diet, avoiding exposure to carcinogens, and undergoing regular cancer screenings.

Additionally, early detection and treatment of cancer are crucial. Regular health check-ups and being mindful of any unusual changes in the body, such as persistent unexplained pain, abnormal bleeding, or lumps, can help in the early detection and treatment of potential cancers.

Therefore, we should confront cancer with a proactive attitude and take effective preventive measures to minimize its impact on our lives. By increasing awareness of cancer, we can better protect ourselves and the health of our loved ones.


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